Sandeep Bali is an India based consultant for Medical Technology Consulting. He has a strong medical device and advanced therapy medicinal product background and has held consultant positions at various companies in the areas of quality assurance, regulatory affairs, clinical
trial management, and general management. His motto is to bring latest technologies and treatments in India and key markets in Asia.

Engineer, Marketing Expert, Technical Counsel

Sandeep Bali Quote “Sadly, I've seen too many really fine ideas that never got developed into products, or brought to market because the inventor didn't have the required technical or marketing expertise. My mission is to turn those dreams into reality by making the finest expert assistance available to the inventors and marketers of product, because I've been there.” Sandeep Bali has made his mission successful by bringing experience and proven results in developing and marketing clients' products, as well as providing expert witness and technical counsel.

Sandeep Bali’s expertise includes research, development, installation, optimization, waste minimization, procedure documentation. Sandeep Bali also provide services as the technical interface to executive management for business development, shipping/receiving, QA/QC, facilities and marketing/sales.


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