Great Motivator:

Sandeep Bali is a motivator who keeps people focused on the goal rather than themselves. He is a mediator who finds common ground among disparate factions and a communicator who believes that people work best when informed about that which affects them. Sandeep is the trusted third party who gets things done because he isn’t linked to any special interest in an organization. He is an inclusive leader who believes in the value of the team.

He’s a technology coach who can size up a vendor’s proposal and know whether it’s smoke and mirrors because he has analyzed the rise and downfall of many hope–filled projects. Experience has equipped Sandeep Bali to recognize that the core issue at the base of almost any technology problem is usually a people issue, not a technology one. Unless people are motivated to change, unless they are involved in finding solutions to the problems at hand, and unless they communicate – communicate – communicate – with each other, the best technology is bound to disappoint.

In short, he is a consultant with eyes that see the whole picture and not just a narrow sliver and has earned raves for his humorous, yet thought provoking style. He will challenge you, involve you and give you the guidance to ease your journey to achieving your goals.

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